Monday, March 3

Hunan Wok

We'll be going for some Chinese food this time. I've been there, I like it, you will too. Please join us at:
Hunan Wok
2428 S. Brentwood Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63144-2327

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  1. Type of Food:
    A big fish tank greets you as you enter Hunan Wok. Other than that there isn't too much to distinguish it from the myriad of Chinese places in town. It has an open, spacious feel.
    The general consensus was that Hunan Wok was pretty poor value. The portion sizes and food quality are the same as several other places in town, but the prices are higher. One nice value-added feature was that they give out oranges with the fortune cookies at the end of the meal.
    Our waitress took good care of us.


    Dan - Dan proclaimed his review before the food even arrived. He enjoyed his meal, but felt that it was a too poor of a value.

    Stef - Stef split pot stickers with Jonathan. The fried pot stickers were only fried on one side which made them just the right level of crispy. Her main dish was the honey duck which took 5 minutes more than everything else to come out. She found it to be tasty but lacking veggies. However, Brian exclaimed that it was "succulent and well worth the wait." He will definitely order that next time.

    Amie F. - Amie ordered crab rangoon as the unhealthy portion of her meal and then complemented that with something off the special diet menu (shrimp and snow peas). When she placed the order, our waitress stated that that dish was lacking both flavor and sauce. Undeterred, Amie placed the order and got the flavor on the side. She enjoyed the dish, which was probably one of the better value items on the menu. It came with many large shrimp.

    Ran - Ran got a chili flavored dish which he found to be lacking in spice. He gave the place a B-.

    Guy - Even with a whole no-MSG section on the menu, Guy still detected MSG in his dish.

    Li - As our resident Chinese person, Li at first proclaimed disappointment at the lack of hot tea. We later learned that she doesn't even like hot tea and she then learned that there was hot tea at the table but Jonathan drank all of it. Li got a shrimp and snow pea dish with flavor (not off the diet section). She thought it was tasty but not authentic.

    Gil - When prompted, Gil provided a detailed description of his meal..

    "The chicken with garlic was as spicy as life itself, mouth-watering as the nectar of the gods, and enticingly aromatic as spring morning dew on a heap of white rice. But could such satisfaction truly come from such a dish, or was the yearning of the inner soul behind the heightened sense of arousal that only taste buds and soy sauce could quench? Unclear. Unclear."


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