Monday, June 19

Han Gook Kwan

Han Gook Kwan serves up great Korean food, but the service can be a bit
slow so expect a relaxing evening. Typically the meal starts off with all
sorts of kimchi (no, it's not all cabbage) served with rice, then
appetizers, and finally the main event. Nothing quite finishes the meal
off like some warm soju - see for
recommendations on the proper, polite way to drink it. Would anyone like
to volunteer to record violations of the protocol?
Han Gook Kwan (Korea House)
1261 Castillon Arcade Plaza
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Monday, June 5

Taft Street Restaurant and Bar

It's a bit curious that the address of the Taft Street Restaurant and Bar isn't on Taft Street (and in fact it's Taft *Avenue* and Gravois), but I'm willing to overlook that - and you should, too. This is a Bosnian restaurant that's gotten great reviews and has won awards. We haven't been Bosnianing in a while, so join us for some circle bread with a circle of friends!
Taft Street Restaurant and Bar
4457 Gravois Avenue.
St. Louis, MO 63116

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