Food Bios

What is a Food Bio?
A food bio lets you know what a person likes and dislikes in their food and restaurant experience. This way you can find a member who shares your tastes and seek out their reviews. (If you want to be like the cool kids and have a bio of your own, just let us know at the next dinner club.)

Alex Alex is from Belarus. The national food of Belarus is potatoes. Alex likes potatoes. Keep your eye out for his potato reviews.
Brian Brian likes basic food. Pasta, chicken, meat and potatoes. Not a big veggie fan.
Bryan P Bryan is only ¼ Italian but it seems to be focused in his taste buds. He believes the bread a restaurant serves can make or break the experience. Bryan worked in Singapore for a bit and acquired a good appreciation for Asian cuisine; he also worked in Canada for a year and his palate was unchanged by the experience. Bryan is an outdoorsman and is patiently waiting for the restaurant that serves dandelion and nettle salad, milkweed pods or any of the edible parts of the cattail plant.
Dan Dan is all about value in his food. He looks for meals where he can get a lot of good food for limited money. Dan is also all about meat. Veggies are unnecessary in Dan's dining experience.
Elliot Elliot's tastes definitely tend towards the milder side of things, but some experimentation has happened in recent years. Meat and pasta tend to be the favorites, but Indian, Chinese, and Japanese (not sushi) are always welcome. Mongolian BBQ is also a wonderful thing.
Eric Until recently Eric was a meat and potatoes guy. Now, Eric has become more adventurous in his eating and has also begun to look for healthy options.
Gila Gila is an ex-vegetarian. She is easing her way into the world of meat and tends to order very health consciously. A self-described food slut, she is a firm believer that sharing multiple dishes enhances the dining experience and enjoys dishes with interesting combinations of ingredients.
Jonathan Jonathan especially likes different and unique ethnic cuisines and interesting combinations of spices.
Stef Stef likes to support non chain restaurants. She likes places to have healthy options. She will occasionally order red meat but typically prefers chicken, fish, and veggies.

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