Monday, June 20

Uptown Cafe

Brian and Jonathan founded this group many years ago to meet some new people and
explore the cuisine of the area. Thanks to his work and dedication - and
of course your attendance - it's flourishing today. Sadly, this coming
Monday marks the end of an era as it will be Brian's last time as a Dinner
Club regular since he's heading off to Fort Worth. Let's send him off in
grand Dinner Club fashion - with great food and great company!

This place looks to have a very similar menu to Cafe Manhattan, and it's
owned by the same people. What this means to you: fantastic sundaes,
malts, shakes, and meals, and not a lot of room.
Uptown Cafe
105 S. Meramec
Clayton, MO 63105

Monday, June 6

Il Vicino

Join us at our last (or second to last) dinner with Brian, who will be moving to Dallas very shortly. Brian likes Il Vicino, and they have very tasty pizzas. How we're all going to fit is yet to be determined!
Il Vicino
41 North Central
Clayton, MO 63105

Save the date!

The next installment of St. Louis Dinner Club will be held on...

Monday, February 7, 2011 at 7:00 PM