Monday, March 19

Tumo's Ristorante

You've all heard the expression, "Spring forward, Fall back." We're living the dream! We're now back on summer time and meeting at 7:30 rather than 7:00.

To celebrate this amazing change in our schedules and disruption to our lives, let's get some Italian food. Located a mere 4.9 miles from our house, Tumo's promises to make you happy with their selection of pastas and other Italian dishes. Will they use Provel? Will they have St. Louis style pizza? Will they have really sweet tomato sauces? Will they read the entire menu over the phone when you ask about the price range? Let's all find out the answers to these compelling questions together on Monday!
Tumo's Ristorante
6417 Hampton
St. Louis, MO 63109

Monday, March 5


We're going back to the basics - traditional St. Louis South City food that includes such crowd-pleasing favorites like the slinger and liver and onions. Other, less interesting food is of course available. Join us as we have a good time with the purple hippo at Nel's.
3748 Delor Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63116

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