Wednesday, March 19

The Peacock Cafe and Market

So, this coming Wednesday, March 19, at 7:00pm, we will be having some
Indian food at an all-vegetarian Indian / Chinese (how's that done?)
The Peacock Cafe and Market
2137 Barrett Station Rd. (Barrett Station Shopping Center)
Saint Louis, MO 63131-1606

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  1. Type of Food :
    All-Vegetarian South Indian, North Indian and Indian-Chinese
    The Peacock Cafe and Market, as the name states, is half cafe and half market. The market half is home for all of your Indian shopping needs: food, music, and natural healing products. The cafe is simply decorated. You order at the counter and food is delivered to your table by people in your party. They also have a full array of unique flavored ice creams to purchase at the counter.
    The food is really cheap and came in generous quantities.
    We were well taken care of. The man working at the market was happy to suggest numerous dishes for us to try and the woman working at the cafe gave us all free dessert samples after we expressed interest in them.


    We got a large variety of food and split everything. We ordered several different dosas (crepes of rice and lentil flour). These each came with coconut chutney and sambar - a soup of lentils and vegetables with a unique blend of spices. We also got several meal plates which came with stuffed puri (poofy bread), other assorted fried goodies, and kheer (sweet rice pudding dessert).

    Jonathan - Jonathan pretty much ate everything, including the ultraspicy stuff that no one else would touch. He liked it, but found it to be "no House of India."

    Gila - Gila found the food to be mediocre though she felt we may have ordered poorly as most of the items were fried. She also found herself avoiding eating several of the items because they were "quite spicy."

    Stef - Stef, like Gila, found the food to be pretty mediocre, but she also doesn't like fried stuff. The highlight of her meal was the mysoor pak, a Indian sweet dessert not to be missed.

    Brian and Dan - Brian and Dan both felt that considering there was no meat it was alright.


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