Monday, February 17

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Spirits

In celebration of President's Day, we'll be dining on some all-american grub at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Spirits out in Chesterfield. They have some very good burgers and a neat atmosphere, so I hope you can join us!
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Spirits
17308 Chesterfield Airport Rd
Chesterfield, MO 63005
(636) 733-0066

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  1. Type of Food:
    Classic American
    It's a national chain and family establishment. It's very laid back and there are TVs everywhere (including the floor and the bathrooms).
    Most of us thought the value was good. However Ran and Stacy gave it a piddly C. They were also the only ones who ordered an appetizer. One value issue to note is that all their meals come with bottomless fries.
    We were well taken care of by our waitress, even though she warned us we were her biggest table yet. In fact, since we were all jealous of Jonathan who got crayons to play with, our waitress gave us all crayons and a coloring sheets. If you missed the event and would like to simulate, they actually have coloring pages on their website.


    Just about everyone got burgers and just about everyone enjoyed them. That being said, we'll try to provide some more insightful commentary.

    Brian - Brian loved his guacamole burger. He had ordered it before and would probably get it again.

    Jonathan - Jonathan ate his whole burger and he ate most of Stef's. This in itself wouldn't tell us anything; it's standard Jonathan behavior. However, Stef's burger had lots of lettuce strips which couldn't be removed and Jonathan ate it anyway. That says lots.

    Dan - Dan was not overly impressed with his burger. He ordered the 5-alarm burger and thought that with a name like that it should have been slightly spicier.

    Stef - Stef split a chocolate milkshake with Jonathan. It came in two separate glasses, each tall and completely full. The shake was super thick and yummy, she would recommend it to anyone. Stef also loved the fries, which are very potatoey and have a nice spice to them. She didn't eat much of her burger, but as per her food bio, she's not much of a burger person.

    Amie F. - Amie didn't get a burger. She had a chicken sandwich which she enjoyed. She claimed that she could feel her cholesterol increasing as she was eating it.

    Ran and Stacy - Ran and Stacy used their own reviewing scale, ever the rebels. Food: B Service: B+, Value: C

    Brian P. - Brian made no major comment about his food, however he was quite perplexed by the coloring page. He couldn't figure out what all the items were in the picture. Not sure if that will be a determining factor for a future visit.

    Ron - Ron was concerned at first that the bottomless fries didn't come quickly enough. However, once it rained it poured and he found himself with more fries than he knew what to do with.

    Elliot - Elliot found Red Robin to be "quick, tasty, and friendly."


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