Monday, February 3

Balducci's Winefest Restaurant

It seems we have run into a slight snag for our planned visit to Ms Piggie's BBQ - they are CLOSED on Mondays! (despite what I was told the other day when I called there!) SO, never fear - a change of Venue is here!!!! We will be heading a little further up Page (like to the western end!) to Balducci's Winefest Restaurant. It's located in the little strip by a 7-11.
Balducci's Winefest Restaurant
12527 Bennington Place
Saint Louis, MO 63146-2710

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  1. Type of Food :
    Balducci's Winefest Restaurant is located in a small strip mall by a 7-11. It is bigger inside then it looks from the front. It looks like your standard Italian restaurant with wine related pictures adorning the tables. It also had a bit of a sports bar feel. We had easy viewing access to a large screen TV from our table.
    The food is decently priced.
    We were well taken care of. We were given straws with our water and had no trouble with refills.


    Brian - Brian had the deep dish pizza. He liked it, but was not overly enthusiastic.

    Jonathan and Dan- Jonathan and Dan split a meat lovers deep dish pizza. They were less than thrilled. There was hardly any meat on it considering it was a meat lovers pizza and the pizza itself just wasn't that tasty.

    Gila- Gila got probably the best thing of all of us which was the white bean chili. It was very flavorful with the right combinations of spices. She also got a salad which was fair.

    Stef-Stef was considering getting a lasagna and asked the waiter about it. He didn't recommend it, saying it was just reheated and not so good. She opted for the cannelloni which also wasn't that good.

    Amie F. - Amie got the lasagna and ended up agreeing with the waiter that it was just so-so.

    Ran and Stacy - Ran and Stacy shared a thin crust pizza. The review from there side of the table were definitely better than the deep dish contingent. They said it was some of the best thin crust they had had in St. Louis. They had just been to Talayna's and definitely preferred Balducci's over Talayna's.

    Brian P. - Brian was another not particularly pleased deep dish pizza orderer. One specific complaint he had was that it wasn't hot enough.


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