Tuesday, December 17

The King & I

This marks the last dinner of 2002 that we will share as a group. We'll be going for some Thai at an excellent S. Grand establishment.
The King & I
3157 S. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63118

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  1. Type of Food :
    King and I fills a fairly large space and gets guests from all over St. Louis and the country (there is a map with push pins by the door to help keep track of the homes of their visitors). If you are lucky, you will get an authentic low to the ground table. We were not lucky, however, and had to sit in the less nice smoking room. Best to call ahead.
    The food is decently priced with good portion size. However, be forewarned that each additional bowl of white rice adds .50 to the bill.
    Our waiter did a good job caring for our ever growing party.


    Brian - Brian loved his dish. He was quite pleased with Thai Sweet and Sour in comparison to the Chinese Sweet and Sour he had tried in the past.

    Jonathan- Jonathan is enough of a King and I regular to order off menu. He got Lahp, or "Good Luck Salad". It's boiled ground chicken or pork, red and green onion, cilantro, and rice powder cooked in spicy tangy sauce. As soon as it arrived on the table Gila almost had to change seats, claiming it smelled awful! Jonathan put in a very favorable review of the dish, but I would be remorse not to mention that Gila wouldn't even come near it.

    Mark- Mark claimed to the "Baby Bear" of the table. I remember baby bear as having lots of small things. However, I think he was implying that everything was just right.

    Gila-Gila tried yellow curry for the first time, claiming that the potatoes made it Thai comfort food. She really liked it.

    Stef-Stef got the Four Kings of Thailand (pork, shrimp, chicken, and beef). It's a winner. She has had it before and will probably get it again.

    Guy - Guy received his plate and exclaimed: "This came from a packet of Thai spices." It sounded like a major insult to us. However, he was just stating that he was quite certain the dish had MSG in it. He had asked whether or not the food had MSG and they said no MSG was added. He believed, although we have no proof of this, that while they did not add MSG they added a spice packet which had MSG in it.

    Ron - Ron got the cashew chicken and was displeased.


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