Monday, December 2

Charlie Gitto's Downtown

Charlie Gitto's Downtown
207 N. 6th St.
St. Louis, MO 63102

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  1. Atmosphere:
    Charlie Gitto's is one of the few downtown restaurants that is actually open at night. On our visit, it was all decked out for the holidays. The walls had lights and tinsel and the windows contained pasta houses (instead of gingerbread houses). The non-holiday decor consists of dark wood throughout the restaurant and pictures of St. Louis celebs on the walls. The restaurant is very deep with lots of seating and there is a nice bar in the front of the place.
    Type of Food :
    Great Value. The portion sizes for pasta come in small and large. For just a little more money with a large, you will probably have leftovers.
    Tabitha was an ever helpful waitress. As more people kept showing up late she said "The more the merrier." It's just as if she knew our motto.


    Brian- Brian got a pasta which was jammed packed with sea-food. They definitely didn't skimp on anything. "There is even a shell in here." Brian also enjoyed the bread, which he dipped into a concoction he created from the olive oil and cheese that was provided.

    Stef - Stefani got the pasta special which was a pasta with chicken, shrimp, portabella, onions, and red peppers in a marinara sauce. She enjoyed her meal here as always. Charlie Gitto's reminds her of Italian places in her home town. Good classic Italian food.

    Jonathan - Jonathan ordered Spaghetti alla Suzy (sautéed chicken, shrimp & carrots with a sprinkle of bread crumbs in a garlic chicken broth). He loved it. He also downed the bread with oil and cheese.

    Dan- Dan ordered the gnocchi. While Stef or Gila might have enjoyed this dish, Dan reaction to it was "Where is the cow?!?" The waitress responded by bringing him a free meatball to mix into the dish. Dan liked the flavor or the gnocchi, just don't get it if you are expecting meat, or any other trimmings. Jonathan, however, claims he got this last time he was there and there was more meat in it.

    George 1.0 - George practically licked up his seafood pasta. We'll assume he enjoyed it.

    Igor and Alex - These were our only salad orders at the table. Both got the house salad. Igor gave it a good review, while Alex thought it was particularly good.


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