Tuesday, November 19

Bosna Gold Restaurant

Bosna Gold Restaurant
4601 Gravois Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63116

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  1. Type of Food :
    Bosna Gold is the first Bosnian restaurant that STL Dinner Club has visited.
    The place has a large open feel to it and is a very informal atmosphere. Paper napkins were provided on the table and the silverware was in a heap in the bread basket for us to dole out ourselves. One thing to note is that the place was very smoky even though we were in the back corner not near any smokers.
    Good value. The most expensive thing on the menu was $12 but everyone had plenty of food.
    Our waiter was helpful in describing the various Bosnian entrees to us. He took good care of us throughout the meal and for us large water drinkers, he left us a pitcher of water on the table.


    Eric - Eric got the $12 all meat plate (not sure what the Bosnian name was). He was quite pleased. "I was expecting this to come with rice or veggies or something, but it really was a plate of meat." He was also surprised to find that the hamburger portion of the plate was actually a full hamburger, not just a mini burger for a sample platter size. The veal he found to be so so but otherwise he thought the meat was all tasty. In an unusual dinner club moment, Eric almost couldn't finish the meal. He did, however, finish it after a dare from the other side of the table. (Rumor has it though that he may have had some secret help.)

    Brian- Brian was very excited about trying the traditional Bosnian circle bread with veal. This turned out to be an excellent choice. The circle bread was outstanding and we all tried some.

    Glenda and Debbie - We had two vegetarians join us this time. Bosna Gold is definitely not veggie friendly. The only items on the menu for them to order were a salad, which was basically a plate of feta cheese, and some french fries, which were reportedly good. If you are a vegetarian, this is not a place for you.

    Edin - Edin is actually Bosnian. He was our expert. He reported that the food here was like Bosnian fast food. Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

    Stef - Stefani ordered the Rolled Cabbage. It was tasty and came surrounded with mashed potatoes. She spent the meal eyeing Brian's circle bread though. That was definitely a better order. Stef also enjoyed the free bread served at the table. It was light and fluffy with a perfect crust.

    Jonathan - Jonathan ordered veal with mushroom sauce. He thoroughly enjoyed his food and loved the bread. He actually packed up all the extra bread in a to go box. It was that good.

    Ursula- Ursula was one of the only ones to order dessert. She got the baklava. It was served most untraditionally with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Perhaps if the baklava was up to par it could have stood just fine on its own.


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