Monday, January 6

Chihuahua Bar & Grill

Chihuahua Bar & Grill
1932 McKelvey Road (behind the Mobil station in the little shopping strip)
Maryland Heights, MO 63043

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  1. Type of Food :
    Chihuahua's is a spacious strip mall restaurant. There is a bar when you first walk in which has a good tequila collection. Off of the bar is a nicely sized main dining room. The entire restaurant is decorated with standard Mexican paraphernalia, stucco walls (pink stucco in the ladies room), and bright colors.
    The food is decently priced. We were given large portions and the requisite free chips and salsa.
    We were well taken care of. Gila was especially happy that we were all given straws with our waters.


    Brian - "Aye Chihuahua!" exclaimed Brian. He loved his meal. Brian was particularly impressed with the guacamole, which he claimed was the real stuff.

    Jonathan- Jonathan has enjoyed Chihuahua’s before. He thinks they have some of the best Mexican in town.

    Mike - Mike got a Corona. He thought they did a very good job with it. We noted there was no cold mug. Other than that, it came out promptly and was cold with a lime.

    Gila - Gila ordered an enchilada and a tamale. She was at first alarmed by the one green and one brown item on her plate. However, she ended up enjoying the mole sauce (the brown) and liked the green sauce (tomatillo) as well. She did find the green sauce a bit too spicy though. She lamented the fact that her combo platter didn’t come with guacamole, but she enjoyed some of Stef's.

    Stef -Stef got margarita chicken fajitas. The chicken was yummy, however she felt the fajita platter was lacking in that it didn't have cheese and didn't have enough tortilla shells for the amount of stuff (only 3 small wrappers). One other thing Stef missed at Chihuahua's was the sweet corn cake found at other restaurants.

    Guy - Guy claimed that the amount of MSG in his meal could have fed all of China.

    Gil - Gil had just returned from his Mexican cruise and exclaimed that he "felt like he was back in Mexico." We'll take that as a good thing.

    Kevin and Michelle - Kevin and Michelle shared fajitas. They enjoyed them, but felt they were lacking beans, and like Stef, felt they were lacking cheese.

    Amie F. - Amie doesn't like Mexican and came just to be with us. She ate most of her food though, so that says something.


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