Monday, December 21

Lafayette Fire Company No. 1

"Secret recipes of local firemen served in a casual atmosphere. Comfort food at its best."

Lafayette Fire Company No. 1 occupies the space previously known as Soda Fountain Square, and it's owned completely by Fire and EMS workers. Proceeds from the restaurant benefit Backstoppers and the Missouri Children's Burn Camp, according to their web site. That means that the more you eat, the more money will be donated to these great charities!
Lafayette Fire Company No. 1
1801 Park Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63104

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  1. I was amazed by how good the service was given they'd only been open ~1 week when we went there. Toasted guacamole wantons sound weird, but are quite tasty. This is one of two restaurants I know of where you can order a mystery dinner (chef's choice). I think that's a fun option (and practical from the kitchen's point of view.) It seemed to me that they bring a little something extra to each dish on the menu.


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