Monday, January 4

Haveli Indian Restaurant

Do you remember when Dinner Club went here before? While we do have a rule that we don't repeat restaurants, we have repeated some physical locations several times. This is one; Haveli occupies the same space that once housed VN Cafe (which we visited on March 7, 2005). The format and cuisine of Haveli are obviously a bit different than those of its Vietnamese predecessor, so please join us as we return to the corner of Page and Dielman.
Haveli Indian Restaurant
9720 Page Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63132

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  1. I was very impressed with their Chicken Biryani. All the food I've had there has been good. It's become a regular stop for me since trying it with the St. Louis Dinner Club and it seems to be getting better each time which is a good sign.


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