Monday, June 18

Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant

The last time we went to an Ethiopian restaurant, everyone went crazy! Not only did we have a huge turnout, but people devoured their entrees and their napkins, too (that's because the napkins were the injeera, which is a spongy bread). So, we're doing Ethiopian again - this time on S. Grand at a fairly new place that's really excited that we're showing up.
Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant
3210 S. Grand
St. Louis, MO 63118


  1. Yummy food that was full of spice and flavor, and water glasses that were always full. The perfect restaurant. I loved it!

  2. No kidding, that food was excessively good! I'm glad they have takeout! Also good to see old friends and meet new, I'll try to show up more often!


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