Monday, June 4

Apollonia Restaurant

This place was just reviewed in the Post-Dispatch and sounded fantastic. They've been cooking their "homestyle cooking" for 2,500 years! By now, they should have it perfected and ready for our palates. You'll have to put on your flame-retardant suits when the Saganaki rolls out.
Apollonia Restaurant
6836 Gravois Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63113

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  1. You know the food is good when I would go back despite the fact that I found a twist tie in my salad and my meal wasn't comped. I wouldn't get the salad again regardless of it's twist tie content, it was just kind of blah. Julie got a different salad which had no lettuce. That one looked pretty good, although she said it didn't have enough feta.

    The free baklava they gave us at the end of our meal was awesome as were the aps.

    As a final note, Hadas wanted it noted that she enjoyed the pork.


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