Monday, January 15

Alandale Brewing Company

I read a review of this place and it has starters, pastas, entrees, and most importantly dutch apple bread pudding. This microbrewery/pub makes eight varieties of beer on-site, including a lager, wheat ale, and stout. Sounds good to me!
Alandale Brewing Company
105 E. Jefferson
Kirkwood, MO 63122


  1. I'd like to hear your comments about your evening out at Alandale's. I'm supposed to join some friends there for dinner next week. For some reason, their website did not entice me. Now I'm worried their food won't, either!

  2. Alandale was a disappointment. The entrees were overpriced and didn't have much in the way of combinations of flavor or spice. They were out of a number of beers when we visited, which didn't help matters. I'm not likely to return any time soon!


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