Monday, December 18

Taste of India

Stef and I went to Tandoori Hut several years ago, and it was pretty tasty Indian food (though no HOI - as nothing is like HOI). It's now under new management (and a new name), and they're very excited to see us there. We're excited to be going! So why don't you join us?
Taste of India
3279 Hampton Ave
St Louis, MO 63139

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  1. I’m writing this review old school style in honor of Bryan P.

    Taste of India or is it Tandoori Hut was a mixed experience for us.

    Atmosphere: We had the place all to ourselves, except that is for a giant screen TV showing Bollywood films. This was enjoyed by some, but others could have very well done without the TV. One amusing thing to note, was the sign on the door on the way out which showed an article that pointed out that HOI is the number 1 Indian restaurant in town. Below that, you could see that Tandoori Hut was #3. There was a handwritten note next to it that said “In 5 months”. Did this mean they made it to number three in 5 months or that in 5 months they would take the number 1 spot. Who knows?

    Value: I had high hopes for value when the papadums arrived before our meal. The plates were pilled high. The same held true for the large plates of rice served before the meal. The actual portion sizes were not huge but adequate, and the cost of the meal was fairly typically of other Indian restaurants in the area.

    Service: We were served water right away and given pitchers to easily refill ourselves. That’s a big plus. However, the menus took forever to show up. We had received our papadums and sauces before we even saw our menus. After the menu incident though, the service was good for a group of our size.


    Bryan L. – Bryan L. was the biggest fan of the night. He was glad to have found a new Indian restaurant that may even be better than HOI. He thought the samosas were done just right. He began the night with a skepticism towards a sharing approach, but in the end he was happy to share the joy of his yummy Chicken Mahini with all those around him.

    Traci – Traci was really excited to be eating Indian. However, after her food arrived her excitement died down. Could it have been that she was too busy eating to comment on the food? Or did she just not want to say anything bad? Or was I just not listening?

    Julie - “Glad I don’t have a date after this.” Julie was in the camp that the garlic nan was really garlicky. Traci (oh – she did make a comment) felt that the garlic nan looked really garlicy but you couldn’t taste the garlic. Stef just thought the garlic nan was nasty regardless of garlic amount.

    Eric – Eric doesn’t like Indian food. He tried the shrimp biryani and not so shockingly didn’t like it. This worked out to Jonathan’s advantage as he is having it for lunch today,

    Jonathan – Nothing compares to HOI in the eyes of Jonathan. QED.

    Christina – Christina requested mild food. Tandoori Hut must have met her needs because at the end of the meal she looked happy and full and even took some food home with her.

    Bryan P. – Early in the night Bryan P. taught us about eating cattails, clearly he has a refined palate. He ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala (CTM). It arrived like no other CTM we’d ever seen. It was bright red. Bryan P. had high hopes for it based solely on the color. He must have liked it because he practically licked the bowl clean at the end of the meal, a role typically reserved for Jonathan.

    Stef – While the red worked for the CTM, it did not work on appetizer number 6. Appetizer number six was supposed to be a leavened bread with almonds and raisons. However, it arrived with mystery red stuff on top of it. The red stuff turned out to be maraschino cherries. This was just weird and why was it not listed on the menu!

    Alex – Alex’s fact about himself for the night was that he could count to ten in Russian. However, when put on the spot, he couldn’t do it. It was noted later that it was a good thing that his fact about himself was not his love of potatoes, because then perhaps that too would have turned out to be false and that would have just destroyed the world order.

    The other half of the table – No idea what went on there – you’ll have to write your own reviews and post them on the blog.


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