Monday, February 2

Da Baldo

Now, I'm aware that their website says they're closed on Mondays. The St.Louis Dinner Club went undercover to verify that this is not the case. Two calls confirmed that they are in fact going to be open on Monday. The food looks tasty, and who could resist a place called "Da Baldo"? Not I - and neither will you!
Da Baldo
3518 Hampton
St. Louis, MO 63109

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  1. Type of Food:
    Italian Food and Gelato
    Da Baldo's is more upscale than Dinner Club typically goes to. There were white tablecloths on the tables and mellow classical music was playing. In addition to a large dining area, Da Baldo's features a large bar and a banquet room in the back.
    There were mixed reviews on the value of the place. John M. thought the value was exceptional. For $11 he got a soup, salad, entree, side, and dessert (this price is only available on select dishes on Monday nights). For the most part, however, you should expect to pay in the $12-$25 dollar range for your meal. All meals come with bread and entrees are typically served with either soup or salad.
    When we walked into the restaurant our server directed us immediately to our Dinner Club table without even asking who we were. "Are you sure that is for us?" we asked. "Definitely," she replied. The restaurant owner also noted that I (Stef) worked at Sara Lee from checking the caller ID when I made the reservation and proudly noted that they use Sara Lee coffee. OK, I didn't know Sara Lee made coffee, but it was still cool personalized service. Now, it should be noted that we were their only customers all night (it was the day after the Super Bowl and snowing).


    David: David wanted it noted that this is not a good place for the health conscious. He asked if there were any low-cal salad dressings and was told that nothing in the restaurant was low-cal. David went on to complain that the bread was not moist enough. He didn't like the Mayfair salad dressing much and thought there might be hope for the soup if he added cheese. So he hated the place? Actually no, he liked it. This was primarily because he enjoyed his fish entree.

    Jonathan: Jonathan ordered a veal saltimbocca, normally one of his favorite dishes, but ended up liking Stef's tortellini better. He didn't love the soup and felt that the bread was good but only when covered in olive oil and fresh cheese they put out on the table.

    John M.: John thought everything was better with the free cheese. However, as mentioned in the value category, John felt that he had a very positive experience at Da Baldo. He got the pasta special, the cannelloni. He thought it was tasty as was the stuffed zucchini that came on the side.

    Stef: Stef was disappointed with the food. She ordered tortellini in a sherry wine sauce and it came out in heavy cream. It was pretty tasty but didn't at all match the description. The highlight of the meal for her was eating David's free gelato. They brought everyone who ordered the special a banana and coconut gelato. While she wouldn't come back for food, Stefani would definitely return to Da Baldo for gelato. It was perfect.

    Dan: Dan hated his Da Baldo experience. Nothing positive about the restaurant escaped his lips the entire night. When Stef said that the dessert was a highlight, he retorted that that really wasn't saying much considering the rest of the meal.


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