Monday, January 19


This seems like a tasty bar and grill, a neighborhood institution in University City for over 50 years. We'll see if it's worthy of that title!
7347 Forsyth Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63105

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  1. Type of Food :
    Your basic bar fare.
    Small neighborhood bar. We'd all driven by it a million times but had never been in. It looked like it could be smoky had it been a busy weekend night, but the night we were there it was relatively smoke-free. Also of note is that other than the standard dark wood, there was an eclectic assortment of decorations including fake sea animals, a fake turkey, and a statue of a head by the bathrooms. There were also several TVs with the game going, if that sort of thing is important to you.
    We thought the value was the best ever when our $35 check arrived, but alas it was for the wrong table. The value was still pretty good though when we got the real bill. One thing to note though is that we were not given free refills on soda.
    It seemed like one guy was serving the whole place, so our service was a bit slow. However, when our server did serve us, he was great. He was full of personality, brought out items when we asked for them, and advised well on the menu (see Bryan's review).


    Bryan: Bryan ordered a salad with the ranch dressing. Our server was quick to correct him and say he should get the house dressing. This turned out to be great advice. The house dressing was yummy as was his salad (not that he would have chosen that word).

    Jonathan: Our meal started with some fried mushrooms and onion rings which were served with ranch dressing. Jonathan thought the fried stuff was excellent. However, he couldn't say the same about his burger which he found to be too dry. Burgers at Krueger's come regular, Cajun, or BBQ. Jonathan got the Cajun which "did not taste Cajun at all."

    Colin: "I like it!" He wanted a burger, he got a burger, and he was happy. Colin won the I Liked My Food the Best award.

    Stef: Stef got a turkey melt. There was too much grease and too much cheese. It came with a pickle and a pepperoncini.

    Amie: "Is bison actually buffalo? Is it OK to eat it?" Amie learned that it was OK to eat, but perhaps not a wise idea when at Krueger's. It was too dry even though she ordered the BBQ version.

    Brian P.: Brian wanted it noted that he liked the onion rings, so here it is... Brian liked the onion rings.

    Alex: Alex was the only one to get fries. "They are potatoes. I like potatoes."

    George 1.0: George got a Reuben. He enjoyed it but found that it arrived somewhat smushed. Props go out to George as well for being our money counter the first time in St. Louis Dinner Club history when we ended up with over $20 extra.


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