Tuesday, October 22

Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant

Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant
4030 Woodson Rd.
St. Ann, MO 63134

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  1. Type of food:
    Standard Mexican look and feel. It is next door to a Mexican grocery, which you should definitely check out.
    Las Palmas has a new policy of a one chip basket limit per group of two and a 3 soda refill limit. Low value points there. However, the food comes in large portions and you get free mints at the end of the meal.
    Really bad. It took until the end of the meal for everyone to get
    their water and the check never came until we went and fetched it.


    Brian: This is the only Mexican place in St. Louis he thinks is really Mexican. You've got to get the combo for the best value.

    Jonathan: Feels that food quality varies by visit. However, all in all he thinks it is one of the better Mexican places in town.

    Stefani: Corn Tomato soup is yum. Try it for something different.

    Brad: Yup


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