Monday, July 21

Bici Cafe

Bici's a new Mediterranean place that opened up where La Piazza used to be at Jackson and Pershing. We went to La Piazza back in 2002, and it changed hands after that, and now it's obviously a new concept entirely. I'm looking forward to checking it out!
Bici Cafe
7401 Pershing Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63130


  1. I wanted place to be great. I live in neighborhood, and the location is perfect – we’d eat there once a week if it had consistently good food & service. Past incarnations have had poor service and high prices, trying to make themselves into a “Clayton” restaurant rather than fitting with the character of our cute little corner of University City. Unfortunately, Bici CafĂ© isn’t great, it isn’t even good. The service is ditsy and slow, and our waitress dunked her ponytail in my water glass when she was carrying it to the table. I wouldn’t bother to write a review if that were the end of the story. After lunch I had stomach pain & then several hours of serious gastrointestinal problems. I left a message to suggest they throw out mayo & anything in the kitchen that was not fresh. I was trying to be helpful, didn’t expect a call back or an apology. Manager called back to say “it’s not us! It takes 12–18 hrs to get food poisoning.” Ask your doctor, food related illness can be as immediate as a bee sting if your body reacts to a toxin. I was indeed sick from sandwich I ate there. Eat there at your own risk - if you get sick, don’t bother to complain to the manager.

  2. I have read the woman above's review on 10 different sites. Totally copy-and-pasted. Review lacks creativity and effort.

  3. I live on the same street that Bici is on too. I have been there several times. Yes the service has a lot of room for improvement. But the food was excellent.

    It's owned by Mike Johnson and he produces quality the likes of his other restaurants.

    I dismiss the service issues to a new place being open. The buzz creates an enormous amount of traffic that any restaurant would have trouble dealing with.

    The place is always packed on the weekends, so I don't think the general consensus agrees with the above poster.

  4. My wife and I work in the neighborhood and have eaten lunch and dinner there several times...We have had great food every time...price point is perfect too...


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