Monday, April 7

Buffalo Brewing Co.

Buffalo Brewing Company is a new restaurant with a menu reminiscent of many brewpubs. They brew their own beer, have a salad bar, and appear to need a new web site and high quality photos (won't you tell them that, please?). They also sounded very happy to have our group in on Monday, so please join us as we dine there together. Oh yeah, and print out this coupon and remember to bring it for 10% off.
Buffalo Brewing Co.
3100 Olive
St. Louis, MO 63103


  1. The chili beer was awesome! I ordered the buffalo burger and it was extremely salty. It also tasted like a regular burger so I have a feeling it was not 100% bison or they add fat to the burger for taste. I prefer lean bison- which has a gamier taste to it. Others mentioned their food was also salty. I probably won't go back there for food but I'd get the chili beer.

  2. I liked the dip they brought out for us, but was sad they didn't have Buffalo Drool in stock that night. :-(


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