Monday, May 7

Ryce Oriental Buffet

Despite the rather archaic name, Ryce Oriental Buffet has gotten great reviews for their $10 buffet that includes Mongolian BBQ, Sushi, and all of the Americanized Chinese food you could possibly eat. They also have a real menu if you'd rather not sample food from over THREE (3) countries -- that's China, Japan, and Mongolia -- but how could you really resist?! The buffet calls to you...
Ryce Oriental Buffet
12710 Dorsett Rd.
Maryland Heights, MO 63043


  1. Very extensive selection of food, including a cook-to-order station of fresh meat and veges. The pre-made foods were pretty typical and not overly impressive. I thought several standards (crab rangoon, dumplings and egg rolls) were completely tasteless. Sushi is included, but the workers advised us not to eat it. O_o

    Rating - not a bad deal for the money, but not the best by a long shot.

  2. Quantity does NOT equal quality. Huge selection, but nothing looked appealing. I did the mongolian BBQ with had a bunch of sauces to choose from but no descriptions so I had no clue what I was ordering. It turned out OK, but just OK.

  3. This was a very over-priced, over-rated restaurant. I took my teenage daughter on a Saturday afternoon for the buffet and walked away with my pocket $36.00 lighter and my stomach not that full. The foods that we tried, many not labeled, were bland and sometimes just plain disgusting. And please, no matter if it had been great food, when is it worth $36 for two people to eat buffet style in the middle of the afternoon. Never again!


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