Monday, September 18

Marco's Restaurant

Marco's is a soul food restaurant that occupies the former space of Empire Steak, which occupied the former space of Dairy Queen, which I believe was something else before that 20 years ago. They're doing us the kind favor of opening up on Monday night and setting up their steam table where you get 1 meat, 2 sides, and bread for $8.99 (with desserts and drinks extra). Typically they have greens, ribs, fish, and other flavorful treats! They mentioned sweet potato pie as a dessert that they might serve. MMMMmmmmmm!!
Marco's Restaurant
8600 Olive Blvd (on McKnight, see
Saint Louis, MO 63132

Because they're opening up special for us, I'd like to bring a huge party. If you've been lurking and haven't joined us, this would be a great chance to see what we're all about.The restaurant has asked us to call the lovely Pam with a count on Sunday, which means that we need you to RSVP before then.

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  1. Yummy home cookin. They gave our party free bowls of fresh delicious fruit before the meal. We ordered from the steam table which meant we could choose a meat and two sides. The meat was turkey wings (which no one ordered so I can't report on them), chicken (choice of white or dark meat), and rib tips. We were also offered our choice of two sides. My favorite, of course, was the sweet potatoes which tasted like they could be directly placed into a pie crust for dessert. I also got the collard greens. The mac and cheese on Jonathan's plate was tasty too and rumor has it so were the mashed potatoes and green beans. The portions were HUGE. We all had more than enough to eat at the very reasonably price of $8.95 each. As an added bonus, our server was really nice. Let's not forget they opened the place just for us. She was happy to make Jonathan a sweet tea even though it's not on the menu. The general consensus for the event was, "we'd go back here." Tony went so far as to say if he lived closer he saw no reason why he wouldn’t come there every day for breakfast, and that was before he’d even tried the food.


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