Monday, February 7

Mi Lupita

This Mexican restaurant comes highly recommended to me, so let's check it out, shall we? The only problem is that they don't take reservations. So... please RSVP if you'll be coming so we can give the restaurant a semi-accurate count. I will use this information to secure us a table!
Mi Lupita
15295 Manchester Rd.
Ballwin, MO 63011

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  1. Type of Food:
    Mi Lupita is buried in the corner of a stip mall. Most people who attended Dinner Club had trouble finding it. Once we made it inside though, it was spacious and had the look of a typical Mexican restaurant. Gila thought it smelled like cleaning solution, but that didn't seem to bother anyone else. Kimberly pointed out the cute picture on the wall that had the Taco Bell dog and said "Yo Quiero Mi Lupita. No Quiero Taco Bell."
    The average price of a meal at Mi Lupita is $7.95 and no one went away hungry. As we would have expected, we were given free chips and salsa. Also of note is that menu subsitutions were free. Gila swapped a side item with guacamole. Some area restaurants would have tacked on a fee for that, but the folks at Mi Lupita were happy to do it.
    In a Dinner Club first, we had a different server for each half of our table. This made ordering easy as pie. Our drinks were kept filled and our server let us each pay individually on our way out the door.


    Jonathan- Jonathan asked the server what he should order. Our server pointed out that there were both authentic and non-authentic menu options. Jonathan went with an authentic choice, Bistek Ranchero. This was beef cooked in tomato hot sauce with tortillas. He loved it, but thought that Michael's pork version of the same dish was tastier. Warning: if you don't like spicy food, definitely ask for the mild version of this dish. Eric said he could tell Jonathan's dish was spicy before even tasting it.

    Michael H. - Michael was happy to find a delicious option that did not involve dairy. He got the Carne Adobada Con Papas which was similar to Jonathan's dish only with pork, less spicy, and the addition of potatoes - so really, not all that similar. Michael loved it as did everyone who sampled it.

    Gila - Gila ordered the shrimp and chicken fajitas. Unlike those served at other area restaurants, these fajitas did not come out in a hot skillet. Gila didn't think this affected the taste, though she did comment that they could have been warmer. She was, however, disappointed in the shrimp. Eric and Kimberly both agreed that the shrimp were disappointing. Kimberly thought it tasted like celery. For Gila though it was really the size of the shrimp that was a let down. Size really does matter.

    Stef -Stef got the combo platter. She found nothing to be particularly remarkable about it. Also Stef didn't like the salsa. The salsa was very tomatoey. If you like that style, you'd like it. If you are a chunky stuff in salsa kind of person, this would not be for you.

    Eric- Eric was done with his meal before you could say "No Quiero Taco Bell." Either he really liked it or he was just really hungry. Hard to say. We can say though that he was happy with his sopapillas. He likes them poofy and that's what he got.

    Alex- Alex found some french fries on the menu. He was VERY happy. He also ordered flautas with potato filling. What more could he ask for.

    Kimberly thought her meal was "eh". Doesn't compare to her favorite Mexican place in town, Pueblo Solis. She did, however, like the Verde sauce.

    Bryan P. - Bryan wanted to review Gila's dish. Before even tasting it, he exclaimed that it lacked sizzle. Stef insisted that he taste it before continuing with his review. After tasting, his review was "it lacked sizzle."

    Jenifer - Jenifer was one of the few to get dessert. Though she had many opinions at dinner about what to do with men who are bad dates, her response when asked how the fried ice cream tasted was, "I'm not really sure." Not a good sign.

    Lori - Lori was not happy with her Chili Relleno and she thought it was cold. She did, however, like the tortillas. It should be pointed out though that Gila did not like the tortillas. She found them to be too smoky.


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