Monday, April 28

Phil's Bar BQ

Phil's Bar BQ
9205 Gravois Rd.
St. Louis, MO. 63123

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  1. Type of Food:
    BBQ (of course) and select Italian dishes
    Phil's has a small front room and another much larger room in the back where they set up a buffet on weekends. We could picture it having a loud hectic lunch feel, however on a Monday night we were their entire clientèle. One thing to note as well is that there are two front bathrooms: one is labeled "Men" and the other is labled "Gentlemen." This could confusing for ladies until you find the ladies room near the back of the place.
    Good value. Lots of food for not that much money and tasty free bread.
    Our server did not lead us astray. He said the beef was the best, and we all agreed it was. He also told us to go for the onion strings (A great pick, see the review below). One server highlight was when he got some crumbs on Dan's back and actually started wiping his back off. Now that's service.


    Dan - Dan gave an initially positive review, but a bout of indigestion caused him to reverse his opinion.

    Stef - The onion strings were definitely the highlight for Stef. They were labeled on the menu as "famous" and she could see how they deserved that title. They were cut extra thin and lightly fried to a tasty perfection. She ordered a BBQ beef sandwich for the entrée. She liked it, but it was nothing to write home about (just on a website).

    Bryan P.- Bryan got a mixed meat platter. He enjoyed his meat and was surprised to find that he enjoyed the onion strings, but was somewhat disappointed when his side of corn on the cob showed up all soggy.

    Brian R. - Brian got the buffalo shrimp special. He really enjoyed it. However, it should be noted that several other table members found it to be revolting.

    Jonathan- Jonathan got the pork sandwich. He liked his sandwich and loved the onion strings. When you order your BBQ you can choose dry or wet. Jonathan ordered the dry and Stefani ordered the wet. The two ended up being exactly the same, only Stef's had slightly more BBQ sauce on it than Jonathan's.


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