Tuesday, July 16

Frank And Helen's Pizzeria

Frank And Helen's Pizzeria
8111 Olive Blvd.
University City, MO 63130


  1. Type of Food :
    Famous for its St. Louis style pizza and it's "broasted chicken." Broasted chicken is similar to fried chicken but not quite as greasy.
    Family restaurant type environment.
    Good value.
    Our server didn't bring everyone water for a very long time. She also forgot to bring out one of our sides and rarely checked up on us.

    Brian: He picked the place and he loved it. "Best chicken you will ever eat!!" Brian was also caught eating salad, a very rare occurrence. Frank and Helen's has a superb house dressing.

    Jonathan: Jonathan used to go to Frank and Helen's a lot as a kid. Never really liked it much. Found the food to be very mediocre.

    Chi-Mao: "This chicken really needs something." He asked our server for some Tabasco sauce.

    Stef: Really liked the cheese on the pasta dish and the salad dressing. Overall, thought the place was very mediocre.

    Eric: He's been coming to Frank and Helen's since he was born. Likes the broasted chicken.

  2. Go to Frank and Helen's for the completely unchanged 1950s/60s vintage interior. Tony Soprano could get shot comfortably in a place like this.


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